About us

Laying the foundation for a greener and healthier Ontario.

We use aggregates every day for our roads, bridges, buildings and homes. Ontario’s growing infrastructure needs, and increasing pressure on land use, has led to growing public concern over the impact of aggregates on our communities and the environment. Over the past decade, this has resulted in greater conflict, cost and time for aggregate planning and approvals, and uncertain outcomes for the industry and our communities – there are no winners.

Cornerstone believes there is another way. We believe that aggregate operations can be prosperous, respectful of nature, a good neighbor, protect food sources, promote the use of recycled material, and be responsive to Ontario’s building needs.

Our vision. A prosperous Canadian aggregate industry that locates, develops and uses aggregate materials in a way that respects community concerns and environmental values.

Our mission. To improve the conservation of the environment and community health and well-being in Canada by developing and implementing certification standards for aggregate extraction and use by the aggregate and construction industries within Canada.

Who we are. The Cornerstone Standards Council (CSC) is a ground-breaking collaboration of community, environmental and industry stakeholders committed to developing a world-class certification program that breaks new ground and establishes a leadership Standard for the responsible siting and operation of all pits and quarries in Ontario.

What we do. We work collaboratively to develop Standards for the responsible siting and operation of aggregates in Ontario. Our independent, third-party auditors verify and monitor to determine if aggregate sites meet the requirements of our Standard. Successful sites receive our certification seal for responsible aggregate operations.

Generous support for CSC’s work comes from a number of sources, including the ECHO Foundation, CRH Canada Group, Lafarge Canada, Metcalf Foundation, McLean Foundation, Ontario Trillium Fund, the Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association, and the Schad Foundation.