Announcement of Certification for CBM’s Codrington Pit

Cornerstone Standards Council auditors have conducted a full assessment of CBM St. Marys Cement Inc.’s Codrington Pit and is pleased to announce the granting of CSC’s fifth certificate of conformance for responsible aggregate extraction.

The pit met the bar for certification indicating that the operation goes above and beyond regulatory requirements. Seven minor non-conformances with CSC’s Responsible Aggregates Standard were identified at the operation and these will need to be remedied over the next six months. These non-conformances are identified in Section A of the assessment report. An observation audit will be conducted by July 15, 2018 and these non-conformances will need to have been remedied for the site to remain certified.

For each of the core requirements of the Responsible Aggregates Standard the assessment team outlined the relevant documentation they reviewed, the comments that were received from interested parties and the subsequent finding in the report. You can find this information on pages 7-32 of the report.

If you have any questions about this report, the outcome of the assessment or the assessment process, please don’t hesitate to contact Krista West at