CSC seeks input on its Responsible Aggregate Standard

July 25, 2017 – Cornerstone Standards Council (CSC) has launched a 65-day consultation period to solicit stakeholder input on the scope of revisions for its Responsible Aggregates Standard. This consultation period comes as part of a pilot period that began in January 2015. The pilot period, initially planned to be 2-years, has been undertaken to:
  • Provide in-field experience as CSC conducts on-the-ground assessments of pits and quarries across the province;
  • Solicit input from interested stakeholders;
  • Better understand and measure the value proposition for applicants and the benefits to the environment and community associated with certification;
  • Encourage the preferred procurement of CSC Certified products by public and private aggregate purchasers; and
  • Refine and improve CSC’s auditing process and the associated auditing costs.
Based on assessments completed and initial input received, CSC has compiled a draft scoping document of issues to be reviewed by the Standards Revision Committee. Following this 65-day consultation period this scoping document is intended to be revised and approved by CSC’s Board of Directors. Once approved this document will form the basis for revisions to CSC’s Responsible Aggregate Standard.
Standard Revision Panel
In September CSC will convene a Standard Revision Panel to review input received and lessons learned. This panel will be composed of balanced representation from industry and non-industry interests and will propose revisions for the Standard and Assurance System to CSC’s Board of Directors. We will additionally seek to include representation from Metis and First Nations where there is interest. Individuals who wish to participate on CSC’s Standard Revision Panel are encouraged to send an expression of interest to CSC’s Board of Directors at by August 31, 2017
Additional information on CSC’s plan to revise the Standard can be found here.
Details of CSC’s 65-day Consultation Period
Formal comments may be submitted to CSC from July 25 to September 27, 2017. To submit comments, they must:
  • Be attributed: Name, affiliation and contact information must be included. Comments may be sent through an organization able to clarify or elaborate on issues raised.
  • Be in writing: All comments must be in writing.
  • Be within the consultation period: The last day for submitting comments is 4:00PM EST on September 27, 2017.
  • Be sent:
Following consultation all comments, and who they are attributed to, will be posted on the CSC website at