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CSC Audit Documents

  • CSC Certificate CSC-0001: CRH Canada, Acton Quarry (Phases 1, 2 and 3) 
  • CSC Certificate CSC-0002: Lafarge Canada, Oro Pit

CSC’s Responsible Aggregate Standard

CSC’s Certification System

  • Design of a Certification System Chart: A chart identifying the decision features, and their impacts, which must be considered when designing a certification system
  • Work plan for new Certification Systems: The activities, milestones and general timelines required for designing, developing and launching a new certification system.
  • Policy and Procedures ListThe name, description and prioritization of policies that are required for launch of a new Certification System.
  • Draft Certification System ManualThe draft processes and procedures that define how CSC might audit sites against CSC’s Standards. This includes: type and scope of assessments, audit planning, audit process, non-conformance, reporting, auditor eligibility, certification decisions/issuance, and audit templates.
  • Draft Issues Resolution PolicyDraft policy addressing how issues with the CSC Certification Scheme are addressed. This includes: identification of issues, process for resolution, hierarchy of escalation, and templates for monitoring, comments, appeals and formal complaints. 
  • Draft Statement of Independence: Identifies how CSC ensures the credibility of the CSC Certification System. This includes: financial and operational independence of CSC and certification branch, auditor impartiality, transparency of information, and consistency and quality of assessments. 
  • Education presentations: Powerpoint presentations on ‘Certification 101’ and ‘Auditing 101’, which describe what sustainability standards and certification are, and how they are audited. Download ‘Certification 101’ or ‘Auditing 101’.
  • Auditor Training Course overviewPowerpoint presentation that includes a sample agenda, learning objectives, suggested features, and evaluation form for conducting auditor training.