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CSC Audit Documents

  • CSC Certificate CSC-0001: CRH Canada, Acton Quarry (Phases 1, 2 and 3) 
  • CSC Certificate CSC-0002: Lafarge Canada, Oro Pit
  • CSC Certificate CSC-0003: CRH Canada, Paris Pit
  • CSC Certificate CSC-0004: Miller Paving Ltd., Carden Quarry

CSC’s Responsible Aggregate Standard

Preferred Purchasing of CSC

  • Private Developers Support Letter: A letter of support from Windmill Development, ZZENN Group and Minto Group indicating their support and intention to purchase CSC Certified materials should other factors be equal.
  • Region of Waterloo: Report accompanying an approved motion by the Region of Waterloo to encourage local aggregate producers to pursue certification and desire to monitor opportunities consistent with the Region’s Green Procurement Guide and Sustainability Strategy  where CSC Certified aggregate products could be incorporated.
  • Town of Erin: Environment and Sustainability Advisory Committee resolution regarding the Cornerstone Standards Council.
  • Toronto and Region Conservation Authority: Resolution and supporting report of the TRCA to offer certified aggregate producers a competitive advantage during TRCA’s tendering process.

CSC’s Certification System

  • Design of a Certification System Chart: A chart identifying the decision features, and their impacts, which must be considered when designing a certification system
  • Work plan for new Certification Systems: The activities, milestones and general timelines required for designing, developing and launching a new certification system.
  • Policy and Procedures ListThe name, description and prioritization of policies that are required for launch of a new Certification System.
  • Draft Certification System ManualThe draft processes and procedures that define how CSC might audit sites against CSC’s Standards. This includes: type and scope of assessments, audit planning, audit process, non-conformance, reporting, auditor eligibility, certification decisions/issuance, and audit templates.
  • Draft Issues Resolution PolicyDraft policy addressing how issues with the CSC Certification Scheme are addressed. This includes: identification of issues, process for resolution, hierarchy of escalation, and templates for monitoring, comments, appeals and formal complaints. 
  • Draft Statement of Independence: Identifies how CSC ensures the credibility of the CSC Certification System. This includes: financial and operational independence of CSC and certification branch, auditor impartiality, transparency of information, and consistency and quality of assessments. 
  • Education presentations: Powerpoint presentations on ‘Certification 101’ and ‘Auditing 101’, which describe what sustainability standards and certification are, and how they are audited. Download ‘Certification 101’ or ‘Auditing 101’.
  • Auditor Training Course overviewPowerpoint presentation that includes a sample agenda, learning objectives, suggested features, and evaluation form for conducting auditor training.