Our Standard

Laying the foundation for a green and healthier Ontario.

We are a voluntary, third-party certification system that provides independent auditing and monitoring of aggregate sites that demonstrate a commitment and achievement of a high environmental and social Standard. Our Responsible Aggregate Standard (V3) sets out Principles and Core Requirements that an aggregate site (e.g. pit, quarry) must meet in order to be certified.

The Standard has been developed by a multi-stakeholder panel with a balance of industry and non-industry representation, as well as advisors in the area of municipal planning, landscape ecology and government regulation.  Throughout our development process we have remained committed to the following values:

  • Inclusive participation of all stakeholders in the development process, and through extensive consultation of our Standard;
  • Transparency of information through publication of early drafts, release of comments received during consultation, and posting of the panel’s response to these comments; and a
  • Balance of perspectives and interests around the table. At both the Standard Development Panel and Board table, a balance of industry and non-industry representatives is maintained in order to ensure that decisions reflect the needs of all, versus the needs of a few.