Town of Erin becomes first Ontario municipality to prefer purchase of responsible aggregate materials

Erin, Ontario, Wednesday, July 12, 2017 – At its council meeting on Tuesday, July 11th the Town of Erin adopted a procurement policy which includes Cornerstone Standards Council (CSC) certification as part of the procurement evaluation criteria. CSC’s voluntary certification system verifies operations have conducted enhanced public consultation, progressive and efficient rehabilitation, protection and enhancement of environmentally significant areas and improved operational practices. To obtain CSC certification, a site must first undergo in-depth assessments to prove it meets CSC’s high standards.

To date only two aggregate operations in the province have passed CSC’s rigorous auditing process and been awarded CSC Certification. CRH Canada’s Acton Quarry received certification in January 2015 and Lafarge Canada’s Oro Pit received certification in June of this year.

Tim Gray, Executive Director of Environmental Defence, commended the Town of Erin saying, “I am delighted to see the Town of Erin’s leadership by including CSC Certified aggregates as part of their evaluation criteria. CSC offers assurance that a pit or quarry has met a higher standard of operation, raising the bar on operational practices as well as engaging with the community to address concerns early.”

CSC would like to thank the Town of Erin, Councillor Jeff Duncan and the town’s Environment & Sustainability Advisory Committee for their support in making Erin the first municipality in Ontario to include certified responsible aggregate materials in their evaluation criteria.

When asked about the procurement policy Councillor Duncan noted “It was a pleasure assisting a combined effort of our community, the Town’s Environmental Committee, senior Town staff, and CSC that was fully supported by our Council.  I hope that this will be a stepping stone for future similar actions by other progressive municipalities that recognize that CSC Certified Aggregates provides communities, aggregate users, governments and the aggregate industry a model that improves the impact of a resource that we all require.”

Thomas Mueller, President and CEO of Canada Green Building Council added, “The continued growth in the green building market means demand for responsibly sourced building materials is also increasing. It’s promising to see the Town of Erin recognize how responsible aggregates can help to serve this growing demand.”

While regulatory requirements are extremely important for setting minimum legal requirements for aggregate operations, the including CSC Certified aggregates as part of their evaluation criteria shows an appetite for a parallel system that encourages operations to continually strive for more responsible practices.

About the Cornerstone Standards Council

Cornerstone Standards Council (CSC) is a charitable organization that brings together traditionally opposed groups to resolve their differences in a collaborative manner. By certifying only those pits and quarries that meet its Responsible Aggregate Standard CSC creates an incentive for pits and quarries to improve their operations over and above legal requirements.


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